Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

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Beat Jet-Lag Before It Begins
The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask is designed to provide a custom fit, which is fully adjustable to your unique facial features + desired level of darkness (from twilight to blackout). Rounded inner liners keep the travel sleep mask from pressing on your eyelids, while its lightweight design is highly portable, comfortable, and looks good on everyone.

Padded Adjustable Nose Bridge
The flexible nose strip allows you to customize your fit and darkness level to achieve 100% blackout.

Inner Rounded Eye Liners
Curved liners will keep the fabric away from your eyelids as you sleep and won’t press against your eyes.

Adjustable Elastic-Free Strap
Soft and plush straps will hold the mask in place and won’t dent or snag your hair. Plus, no more elastic strap bedhead lines!

Plush Fabric
The super-soft and lightweight fabric covers the inside and outside of the mask for a gentle, comfortable fit.

Included Earplugs
Bonus memory foam earplugs can be stored in a small side pouch on the side of the eye mask.

What makes the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask so different? It’s the first and only sleep mask with an adjustable nose bridge. This allows you to bend and mold the mask to perfectly contour to your unique facial features, guaranteeing 100% blackout. If you prefer a little light, simply adjust the nose bridge rest peacefully with a hint of twilight. Not only does it offer a custom fit, its super sleek lightweight design looks good on everyone.

For maximum comfort, the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask has specially designed inner rounded eye liners to keep it from resting against your eyelids as you sleep or smearing your make-up, and the silky plush fabric ensures a soft touch against your face. It also features a sealed side pocket to hold the premium-memory foam earplugs (included) –perfect for drowning out the ambient noise around you, whether you’re trying to sleep on a plane, in a hotel room, or at home.

Travel Sleep Mask:
Length=26.75″ / Height=3.5″ / Thickness=0.75″ / Weight=1 oz
60% Polyester, 40% Cotton
100% Aluminum (Padded)

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Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask
Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask